Audio Tour Narratives by San Francisco Native Susan Evind

A Slice of History and Real Life in Old San Francisco

One day, in 2005, I was rummaging through memorabilia in my mother's basement in San Francisco, when I came upon an old, musty box dating back to the turn of the 2Oth century, containing my grandparents' writings and collections about the City by the Bay. I realized that I was holding in my hands, pieces of history-treasures, documented through my grandparents' real life experiences, reflecting not only their personal lives but encompassing San Francisco history from before the 1906 Earthquake and beyond.

This site is dedicated to sharing with you authentic accounts of history through my San Francisco ancestors' letters, artifacts, photos, stories and family memoirs. Let their voices speak through mine.

Annie Mooney
Ebook: The Disappearance of Annie Mooney
California Cookbook
A California Cookbook

Cable Cars Cliff House Circa 1850
SF Fire Truck 1880's Grandpa Abe Herschin

Susan Evind Voice Over Narrator
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